• screenshot of Cook with M&S's homepage project summary Helped build and maintain api. Project undertaken whilst fully employed by M&S Digital. technical stuff Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Angular
  • screenshot of Boomf's faq page project summary Dynamically include Boomf's most recent Instagram photos on its FAQs page. The photos refresh daily. Project undertaken whilst fully employed by Mint Digital. technical stuff Ruby, Rails, Instagram API, CSS
  • screenshot of Sofitsi Design website project summary Interior designer, Chrysoula Sofitsi, required a portfolio site to showcase her work. technical stuff HTML, CSS, PHP
  • The Private Jet Charter Company logo project summary Looking to change the way a private jet is chartered, The Private Jet Charter Co is an innovative new company focused on providing an unparalleled booking experience to jet charter clients. I helped develop the unique software to provide users with the easiest and most streamlined charter booking online experience. technical stuff PHP
  • Frontline logo project summary Frontline required a new website to market to prospective clients and showcase some of its case studies. Included is a small hand built CMS for the owner to securely sign in and update content. technical stuff HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JQuery
  • auction template logo project summary A private charity required an online auction site to allow live bids on auction lots. This charity has a global audience so the auction times need to be displayed in the viewer's chosen timezone. For privacy reasons, all charity branding has been removed, but you can view the site and make a fictitious bid. technical stuff HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
  • facebook survey logo project summary From explicit advertising to implicit engagement tools, Facebook offers a plethora of tools to traditional advertisers, guerilla marketers and aps developers. This survey rates your comfort factor using Facebooks tools. technical stuff HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL
  • nutty lady ltd logo project summary Nutty Lady needed an online presence and wanted a simple but fun website. The website makes it easy for clients to order refills and gift jars with bespoke packaging. Consequently Nutty Lady increased sales across her product range. technical stuff HTML, CSS, PHP, jquery
  • jarek dreger logo project summary Jarek Dreger needs an online presence to showcase his building portfolio to prospective clients technical stuff HTML, CSS, PHP, jquery